Give your staff peace of mind

Customer service solution right in staff's email inboxes so they can help customers with ease

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Acta Mustang™ is a knowledge base that lives in your email inbox. Local governments use Acta Mustang™ to:

Decrease staff stress

Governments use our solution to streamline communication workflows and reduce staff stress.

Increase customer satisfaction

Ensure that every customer receives consistent robust, accurate information no matter who they interact with on staff.

Decrease costs

Our solution reduces the cost per customer served by up to 81%.

Improve performance

We automatically generate data reports that allow you to identify bottlenecks and better allocate staff resources.

Decrease training costs

With our centralized knowledge base, spend less time and fewer resources training new staff.

Enhance existing workflows

We directly integrate into current workflows so you can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

Hear what our amazing customers say

"It's a lifesaver for us"

"Acta has been a huge help in how we assist clients.  It directs them right where they need to be at on our website. It saves us a ton of time; now I can complete more tasks and issue invoices to get payments faster. It's a lifesaver for us."

Patrick O'Neal
Customer Service Agent

"...I can process the permit faster"

"95% of the time, applications are incomplete. This helps me get those missing parts faster and easier so I can process the permit faster." 

Diane Boyd
Permit Technician

" team is servicing customers smoothly..."

"With Acta Mustang™, I'm confident that my team is servicing customers smoothly, completely, and efficiently."

Chevy Edwards
Customer Support Manager

Give your staff peace of mind

Give your teams the confidence to answer questions quickly and accurately, with robust and context-specific information that lives right in their email inbox. Now, they'll never need to put conversations on hold for lack of time or clarity on customer support information.

Designed for Local Government

If your staff spends more than one hour a day responding to customers, Acta Mustang™ is a good fit for you. Start delivering faster, better customer service at a fraction of the time and cost.


Permit Technicians regularly need to provide customers with information on how to set up accounts, navigate permit portals, pay invoices, and track permits.

Human Resources

HR professionals answer many recurring staff inquiries about benefits and internal policies.

Public Utilities

The #1 constituent request is always related to their water bill. Address high volumes of recurring, complex inquiries about water bills.

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