Picture Credit: Sarah Daniels

How Acta Solutions started

Acta Solutions is a GovTech startup powering better customer service for governments. We founded this company because we believe local government should be accessible to everyone.

Local governments have been deeply impacted by resignations and staff turnover, so much so that public services are being strained due to lack of staff and bandwidth. That’s not right.

Our mission is to make government more accessible to everyday folks who don’t have the time or resources to deal with bloated bureaucracies. We work with public agencies across the country and provide them with citizen-communication software that strengthens governments’ ability to support citizens as they navigate public services.

Our values

We’re working with government officials to better serve their customers and community.

Human-Centered Design

We build our solutions from the perspective of our local government users to ensure the smoothest user-experience.


We believe innovation doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive, and should be accessible to communities of all shapes and sizes.


We help governments thrive in the digital age and beyond.


Our solution is built to increase responsiveness and so are we. We support our partners, source feedback, and iterate our solutions to meet our partners’ needs.