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Foster City, CA chooses Acta to boost their front counter

Foster City gets up and running with a complete knowledge base designed by Acta to bolster their front counter operation.

At just over 32,000 people, Foster City, CA relies on its ability to provide quality customer service to increase resident satisfaction with essential services. The Development Services Department identified that they needed to increase their front counter's access to reliable technical knowledge to drive consistent and effective customer service. Because....at the end of the day, quality information getting out to the customer = fewer resubmissions, faster turnaround times, more development activity, and increasing revenue for the department.

In order to drive consistency and efficiency in their front counter to result in overall better development review outcomes, Foster City chose Acta. Acta provided Foster City with a comprehensive knowledge base that covered everything from residential permit submittal checklists to school district fees requirements. The department's admin staff made a few customization tweaks to the knowledge base, and now it's ready for the front counter to start operationalizing the shared Acta knowledge base solution to respond to customer inquiries.

Foster City kicks off July 16th, and we'll write an update on the time savings and consistency delivered by the solution in a few weeks!

Pavani Peri

Co-Founder & COO

Pavani has worked for local government in economic development. In addition to Acta Solutions, she also works with an affordable housing agency.