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Grand Rapids, MI chooses Acta to bolster 311 operations!

Grand Rapids, MI chooses Acta to support City customer service communications

Grand Rapids, MI has chosen Acta to bolster the City's 311 operations! Grand Rapids' 311 Center provides customer support on City services across departments whenever residents call or email in to get information.

The 311 center in Grand Rapids is an answer-center not a transfer-center because 311 staff provide subject-specific information to constituents--avoiding transfers and increased workloads for department staff.

Acta will help the 311 Center provide Development Services-specific assistance to customers calling in about permits, inspections, zoning, etc. With Acta, the 311 spends less time providing more consistent information, and the Development Servces staff spend less time fielding phone calls and emails. A win-win!

We're excited to welcome Grand Rapids to Acta, and will report on how it's going in just a few months.

And last, we'd like to recognize Doug Matthews and Angela Dore of Grand Rapids for their commitment to making City Services and communications more accessible to the public and easier to provide for staff!

Pavani Peri

Co-Founder & COO

Pavani has worked for local government in economic development. In addition to Acta Solutions, she also works with an affordable housing agency.