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Greenville, SC migrates from Word Docs to Acta to communicate consistently with customers

How the City of Greenville, SC switched to Acta from word docs and email signatures to standardize customer communications

The City of Greenville, South Carolina (population 72,000) does a lot of permitting to maintain the City’s unique character. The Building Department had been using email signatures and Word docs to assist customers over email. However, the email signatures and countless Word docs became disorganized and inconsistent across staff members and hard to search through. 

The Department’s managers kept hearing about how inefficient, frustrating, and inconsistent using the old system of Word docs and email signatures was. It became increasingly difficult for staff to update information across everyone’s email signatures, and there was no centralized place for the department to neatly store information and processes. As a result, staff was sending inconsistent information, and spent too much time searching for and editing the right content. 

The Department switched over to Acta because it provided a systematic way to create and manage the organization’s knowledge so that staff can easily send the most up-to-date information without hassle. 

They were able to transfer over their email signatures and Word docs to Acta within 3 hours. Staff found the following benefits to Acta over their previous systems: 

  • They can layer Acta blocks on top of each other to answer multi-part questions in one email with a few clicks 
  • Staff is sending consistent information across the whole department without having to constantly update information on everybody’s individual computers 
  • Leadership is able to track usage and time spent on customer service to staff the department accordingly
  • They can automatically attach documents to Acta-generated email blocks

Within one month, staff used Acta to respond to 487 customer requests, saved 122 staff hours, and achieved $5,780 in cost-savings. 

“Acta has helped us save time, streamline our operations, and has made life more predictable for us in Building.” Buddy Skinner, Building Codes Administrator, City of Greenville SC. 

Pavani Peri

Co-Founder & COO

Pavani has worked for local government in economic development. In addition to Acta Solutions, she also works with an affordable housing agency.