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How the City of Raleigh is Reducing Department Costs by Streamlining Workflows

How the City of Raleigh’s Building Department uses Acta Mustang™ to deliver better customer service while reducing costs

The Challenge: High resources spent delivering services

Customer-facing teams in Building Departments spend a lot of resources servicing low-revenue, high-cost customers--typically, individual homeowners who need in-depth help navigating permit portals and processes, but don't end up generating big revenues for the department.  Currently, customer service teams spend resources walking customers through online portals, answering questions on applications, and guiding customers through correcting frequent mistakes on applications via phone and email. Manual email and phone workflows do not effectively help customers help themselves, and suck more department resources than they generate.

Staff needed a way to deliver the level of service their customers expect while decreasing the amount of resources required to achieve that concierge-level of service.

The Solution: Streamlining staff’s communication workflows

The key bottlenecks were gathering the right resources to answer customer inquiries and troubleshooting specific issues for customers in their journey. Staff spent significant resources searching for the right resources to answer inquiries and walking customers step-by-step through specific issues. To streamline these communication workflows, staff needed a dynamic knowledge base that stored all of the resources and instructions most needed by their customers. In order to ensure consistency and ease of use, the knowledge base also needed to be centrally-managed and deployed.

Building Department staff deployed Acta Mustang™ to streamline these key bottlenecks. Acta Mustang™ is a customer support tool that integrates into current workflows, and enables staff to build consistent, robust communications with fast, easy clicks. Our solution stores dynamic blocks of customer support information as buttons that staff click to answer inquiries and help customers troubleshoot issues. The Building Customer Service Team turned to Acta Mustang™ for two main reasons: to reduce department costs in delivering services and to deliver improved customer service. 

In just one month of using Acta Mustang™, Raleigh was able to achieve and deliver better business outcomes:

  • Staff delivered faster, better customer service at a lower cost per customer served. We reduced the cost per customer served by 81%.
  • Staff saved 110 hours across 5 team members through the streamlined workflows.
  • Staff eliminated back-and-forth email chains and follow-on calls with customers when they used Acta Mustang™, saving customers significant time and enabling them to move forward faster.
  • Department liability was decreased because every customer received consistent, accurate, and robust information. The Team Lead told us "I know that when when staff uses Acta Mustang™ to communicate with customers on essential processes, that they are providing all the information the customer needs clearly and consistently." 
  • Staff was also able to decrease phone hold times--increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing phone backlog.

The Impact of Acta Mustang™: Department reduces costs and customers get better service

  • Reducing cost per customer served

“The add-in saves me, on average, 5 minutes for every email I use it for. The time it takes for me to completely service a customer has greatly gone down so I can increase the number of customers I can service--knowing it's not going to take too much to get a customer everything they need.” 

  • Eliminating back-and-forth with customers 

“Whenever I send an explanation or walkthrough using Acta Mustang™, I don’t spend any time in the frustrating back and forth. The customer knows exactly what to do now because the communications are clear every time without me having to worry about it.” 

  • Increasing staff focus and customer clarity 

“Now, if I have to answer phone calls while I’m responding to emails, I can just click on an Acta block instead of losing my place to answer a phone call and spend time figuring out where I left off. The communication is easier and clearer to the customer every time. My ability to focus has gone way up.” 

See how Acta Mustang™ can help your team streamline communication workflows and deliver better customer outcomes. Our no-code solution can be implemented within a day and delivers immediate improvements.  Visit www.actasolutions.io and hit “Start Free Trial” to get started. 

Pavani Peri

Co-Founder & COO

Pavani has worked for local government in economic development. In addition to Acta Solutions, she also works with an affordable housing agency.