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Morrisville, NC Inspections Department saves 275 hours of staff time with Acta

How Morrisville saved time for customers and staff by streamlining customer service conversations.

The Situation

The Town of Morrisville is a small jurisdiction outside of Raleigh where homeowners often apply for permits to do work on their properties. Morrisville’s Inspections Department has a frontline team of three staff members responsible for all the permit intake, data entry, payments, and plan distribution. 

When the Town of Morrisville (pop. 26,280) digitized their permitting process, they found that their staff were still spending countless hours of their day answering phone calls and emails from customers who had a lot of questions about permitting. With just a team of three handling permit intake and processing, the Town of Morrisville’s Inspections Department needed a solution that would streamline mundane tasks like phone calls and emails so that their valuable staff could focus on higher-value duties. 

“We were walking customers through the same processes over and over. Oftentimes, we were typing out responses to customer emails on how to navigate the online permitting system. Our small team was constantly bombarded with phone calls and emails.” - Shandy Padgett, Inspections Department Director

Like many jurisdictions, the Inspections Department prided itself on delivering good customer service, but the time it took to do so was impacting the Department’s ability to process and issue permits. 

A tool that streamlines customer conversations 

The Inspections Department’s Director knew first-hand what long phone conversations and email chains could do to her department. Having to constantly answer customer questions resulted in permit backlog and unanswered inquiries that would leave permit applications sitting idle for weeks. 

Additionally, having a small team assist customers while processing permits means that customer communications can often suffer from inconsistency. 

Acta–a tool that streamlines customer conversations for Building Departments–solves those challenges by storing a configurable library of templates that staff can deploy right from their email inbox to assist customers. With a few clicks, staff can easily build consistent responses to customer inquiries without having to manually type out answers and instructions. 

“My Department Director told me about Acta Mustang™, and described it as mad libs for email. I immediately saw how it would save us time when responding to customer inquiries and needs for assistance. We had implemented EnerGov™, and were knee deep in assisting customers. The timing was perfect.” - Emily Mattocks, Customer Service Supervisor

Delivering consistent customer service faster and easier than manual methods 

The Town of Morrisville’s investment in streamlining mundane tasks has produced incredible results. In just 5 months of using the solution, the Inspections Department used Acta to resolve 1,045 customer inquiries and saved 275 hours of staff time

“When I first started using Acta, all I had to do was click on buttons that housed customer support information. I could build out complete responses to customer questions about permitting in seconds. It was so easy to use and decreased follow-on emails from customers. That convinced me of the power of Acta.” says the Permit Tech supervisor. 

“I’ve talked to other peer departments about Acta Mustang™, and the need for it in our industry is clear.” says the Inspections Department Director. “Especially when so many departments have small teams that wear many hats–it saves so much time and makes for happy customers.” - Shandy Padgett, Inspections Department Director

Perhaps your staff could greatly benefit from streamlining mundane tasks like answering phone calls and emails. Please visit actasolutions.io to schedule a free consultation today.

Pavani Peri

Co-Founder & COO

Pavani has worked for local government in economic development. In addition to Acta Solutions, she also works with an affordable housing agency.